Review: Tim & Jean - Like What

Tim & JeanLike What Mercury Records

Tim & Jean are champions of flying under the radar.

The high school friends from Mandurah, Western Australia have just released their debut studio album.

Two years ago, the pair were recording demo tapes in their bedroom studio and contemplating entering Aussie music radio station, Triple J's Unearthed High School competition.

After eventually entering the competition, the pair Tim Ayre and Jean Capotorto were finalists with their track 'Come Around'. While not taking home the main prize, Triple J picked the duo to play at Aussie music festival, Parklife.

Since their performance, Tim & Jean have toured across America and supported veteran dance and ambiance artist, Moby.

Despite their small amount of time on the music scene, the band have already been compared to outfits such as US sensations, Passion Pit.

Title track kicks off the album with a nice little punch. There is quite an MGMT feel about this single, with its laid back beats and expressive synth chords that seem to echo endlessly. The track marks a promising start to the album for the pair.

'Veronika' is pure pop bliss. It is incredibly upbeat, bright and bubbly. It's tempo and use of crafty keyboard effects makes it impossible not to like.

'I Can Show You' actually gave me vivid flash backs to the 80s. It was a little scary, though after the initial shock and getting over resisting the fun, this track is really fun. It does becoming a little jarring after awhile - a bit like how bubble gum starts to loose it's flavour. You keep chewing away expecting something to change but it just becomes annoying plain.

The pop bliss is cranked up yet again on 'Come Around'. It's fitting that the single is on the band's debut as it was the track that got them noticed.

'Don't Stop' brings with it a slightly rocker feel with the introduction of electric guitars. There is also a slight move away from the super enthusiastic high pitched vocals of 'I Can Show You'. It's a nice change, and shows the pair are flexible with including different mediums.

It's not surprising that Tim & Jean have thrown a cover on their album. After a few seconds of listening, it is even less surprising the guys tackled Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere'. What a cover, they just have such great energy and have done a great job of adding their own flare to it. Great job.

As well as the cover, the duo have taken the time to record a number of acoustic versions of tracks on the album. The contrast between the intensely polished pop and the pair's acoustic vocals is extremely stark yet utterly delightful.

The acoustic version of 'Like What' has such an incredible degree of depth. Not only are the vocals simply beautiful, the lyrics have more meaning.

The guitar intro on 'Come Around' is very delicate and perfectly matched by gentle vocals.

It's so interesting to hear these brilliant pop songs in a completely different light with the stripped back versions uncovering the incredible singing talent of the pair.

Tim & Jean have more than delivered with this their debut album. It is such a treat, and an incredible discovery listening to these fellows. What a talent they are.