Powderfinger mix things up

Powderfinger Powderfinger has begun mixing their new studio album.

A number of members of the Brisbane outfit headed to Sydney last week to begin mixing the new record.

“They started on Monday and yeah baby, I could feel the world lift when the final mixes of the first two tracks were dropped on to quarter inch,” the band’s drummer Jon Coghill said.

“JC and I (otherwise known as Australia's finest rhythm section) are home tending to family commitments and trying to reduce the amount of cooks in the control room. We're hoping to get there next Monday. I talked to Bern through his lawyers yesterday and he said that all's going well.

“The stylish and laid back Daniel Denholm (Composer, Producer, Arranger and Engineer) has arranged strings that will be recorded on Friday.”

Powderfinger announced they were working on their seventh studio album in June.

The as yet titled album is the follow up to the band’s 2008 release, Dream Days At Hotel Existence.