Getaway Plan members speak out about split

Getaway Plan Just days after announcing their official split, members of The Getaway Plan have spoken out.

On February 25, the Aussie band informed fans of their decision to split through a post on their myspace page.

Yesterday, band bassplayer Dave Anderson spoke about reasons behind the break-up.

“Sorry to leave you all in the dark regarding our 'out of the blue' breakup. For us and those close to the band, this had been going on for quite a while and we were just looking for the best time to let the rest of the world know what was happening to ours,” Anderson wrote on the band’s myspace page.

“So now my life is no longer being directed for me nor will i ever let it be again. It’s time to make my own future and finally become part of the real world. I’m confident I have what it takes to grab the world by its ears and really make somebody out of myself now. You have no idea how excited I am.

“To all my friends I've made along my journey i thank you for being part of the ride. It's a shame we had to get off so soon but I have more time than ever for you now.”

Drummer Aaron Barnett also made a comment about the band’s split, though seemed to be a little more shocked about the decision than Anderson.

“As for why the Getaway plan is no longer…all I will say is that, we reached a decision that as a group, we didn’t see our music futures involving the Getaway Plan anymore. I was obviously devastated, but as they say, nothing last forever and I am very excited about what is to come in life.

“As for my musical endevour’s go, I am in no way at the end of the road with music. I am currently involved in a small project as we speak and am on the hunt for bands, projects and musician's alike to continue my journey in this industry that I love so much. I will announce more about what I am doing or wanting to do when the time is right and in the meantime feel free to ask questions, send through proposal's or even just say hello.

Music is my life and I am so very excited about where the next adventure shall take me.”

The Getaway Plan released their debut album, Other Voices, Other Rooms in February 2008.